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Join me Mondays(and some Tuesdays) this fall as we travel into the woods and back to our roots.  We will be meandering through different geological zones as the season progresses and the types of fruiting species change. These days will be typically a few hours, meeting at an announced location around 10am followed by a brief discussion of the types of fungus we are seeking, as well as some mycology 101.  Each Monday will differ in location, please plan on driving up to 90 minutes from the Portland metro to the meet spot. These forays are open to everyone, however foraging may include(highly likely) traversing off trail on steep and uneven terrain. These days are rain or shine, wind and cold. Plan for rain, this is the PNW. PRAY FOR RAIN. I am so excited to share my knowledge and experiences with you.  Come wash your hands in icy mountain water and place your feet on spongy beds of moss. Disconnect so you can reconnect. See you soon. Mush love, Queen of Shroomlandia

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