My Story

 My name is Amanda "Seraphina" also known as the Queen of Shroomlandia, and I collect mushroom spore prints as a wondrous and striking form of visual art. My passion for foraging and becoming one with the forest started at a very young age on my family's farm in rural mid-Michigan.  Some of my earliest memories include hunting for morels with my father and patiently waiting by the stove to enjoy the first taste of the spring's bounty. Upon moving to the Pacific northwest, my passion was only amplified by the both the diversity of fungi species as well as the length of the foraging season. After collecting my first spore print to confirm the identify a Candy Cap mushroom, Lacctarius rubidus; I was completely awe-struck by the sheer majesty and complex beauty of the print itself. That fateful day in early January, 2017, my whole life path changed and I knew I was bound to be spore-printing for life.


My process and mission are fairly simple; I am here to collect spore prints and share them with the world. My work with these prints has opened my eyes to both the intelligence and complexity of those who call the Fungi kingdom home. To date, I have collected over 600 prints. I aim to create prints from as many species as possible, as I believe that each has a unique message for all of us.  Each species presents it's own special characteristics, nuances, tendencies and quirks.  Where one will print very rapidly over only 6 hours, some may take their time and surprise you on day 3!  I am ever-learning and ever-evolving.  I am here to learn and to share the knowledge that I receive by following this path. Won't you join me on this journey?